Seasonal Special


chili_pepper2 Phoenix Roll w. Spicy Passion Fruit Sauce(6 pcs)   8.95

Lobster Spring Rolls (2pcs)   8.95

Pan Seared Diver Scallops w. Mango Salsa   11.95

Crispy String Bean Tempura   6.95

Grilled Asparagus w. Lite Soy   7.95

Crab Rangoon w. Honey Mustard   7

Main Courses

chili_pepper2 Spicy Mango  Shrimp   20.95

chili_pepper2 Spicy Mango  Chicken   15.95

chili_pepper2 Panco Crusted Soft Shell Crabs   22.95

chili_pepper2 Drunken Noodle   13.95
Thai Style spicy chow fon noodle with chicken & shrimp

Sautéed Cod Fillet with X.O. Garlic Sauce   18.95

Steamed Salmon w. Ginger Scallion Sauce   18.95

The Braised Duck Double Delight   19.95
Double style braised boneless duck included julienne Duck meat sautéed in five star soy and Sliced roasted duck glazed with orange sauce

chili_pepper2 Honey Spicy Walnut  Chicken  14.95

chili_pepper2 Honey Spicy Walnut  Shrimp  18.95

chili_pepper2 Ocean of Thai  21.95
Assorted Seafood in Thai spicy Tomyum sauce

Crispy Stripe Bass Fillet    19
w. Black Bean Sauce

Pine nuts Lettuce Wrap w. Chicken   13

Pine nuts Lettuce Wrap w. Salmon   16

chili_pepper2 Wasabi Shrimp   19

chili_pepper2 Sizzling Fillet Mignon w. Asian Satay Sauce   20.95

Fire Roasted Steak Cube (Fillet Mignon) w.Lemon Grass 20.95
served w. Maggi Fried Rice

Sautee Shanghai Bok Choy w. Fresh Garlic   10.95